Whirligig Wall

3 04 2010

Wall of Whirligigs – Edinburgh Fringe 2007

Great shapes and colors, and sense of movement in stasis.


Real Conflict Resolution

3 04 2010

I wish all Global conflicts could be solved by knife-fighting lobsters (or lobstahs, for the Boston crowd).

This is what Photoshop was developed for.

More NYC Than “SATC” Will Ever Be

3 04 2010

2nd Ave at 2nd Street. So. Good.

Delightful Street Sign

3 04 2010

The children in this neighborhood (in a posh London ‘burb) aren’t just slow….they’re dead slow.

The “No”Switch

3 04 2010

This is even better than the Staples “Easy” Button.

Ceiling – Theatre at Madison Square Garden

1 04 2010

Looks like TRON!!

No Sleep Since Brooklyn

31 03 2010

I really like the sense of movement in this photo, which I took on a moving train early in the morning from Brooklyn into Manhattan. It shows a nice contrast between the gritty metal and architectural interest of the city.